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A Must-Have Science Assembly for Every School!

"Our PTA Board at Allen Avenue wanted to bring a science based assembly to our elementary school and we are so happy to have found Great Scott the Glad Scientist! Scott worked around our school's day and schedules and the content for each grade level was age appropriate and kept everyone engaged.

Scott's mixture of education and entertainment was a perfect balance. Teachers and adult volunteers were laughing right along with his antics as he showed students how an egg could squeeze into a tiny bottle, how dry ice worked by creating gas and bubbles and much more! Scott let our students know that they could be their own scientist by observing, asking questions and trying new things. Students got to be active participants during his show and loved it.

Scott had a great temperament, was incredibly funny and was able to manage a room full of students to keep them listening. Teachers reported that it was a very fun assembly and students said it was the best they've ever seen. We are looking forward to booking Great Scott the Glad Scientist next year."

Rachelle Killackey (PTA President Allen Ave. Elem.)


Perfect for our Cub Scout Pack

"Scott was on time, had a great show (content-wise), was very engaging with the kids, and held their attention for 30 minutes while also presenting solid science principles. I highly recommend him!"

Barrett Steele




"Scott was great, had kids of all ages entertained."

Ita Cagen 



Great Scott is GREAT

"My daughter keeps saying, "He must be called Great Scott because he is great!"  The kids thoroughly enjoyed his interactive presentation as well as the adults.  He was professional and a perfect addition to our science themed birthday party.  Several of our guests requested his information. We would highly recommend him!"

Stephanie Zalvidar

June 23, 2018


Best Party Entertainment Imaginable!

"I was looking for something cool to do as an "indoor" option for a rainy birthday party and booked Great Scott blindly. It ended up being the coolest party ever. My son was turning six and had about 30 kids at the party, ranging from two to seven. Scott held everyone's attention for over an hour, including the two year olds. He was so professional and the show felt very high end from beginning to end. I couldn't believe that it was so amazing for the price. I had at least 20 different parents approach me afterwards to ask where I found him and they all told me it was the best birthday party entertainment they had experienced in years. As parents of kids this age, we've all been to a lot of parties with pretty cheesy entertainment. This was so impressive, that I'm still getting people asking me about him! The best part is that on the night of his party, my son went to sleep telling me that his favorite part of his birthday was Great Scott and that he was so excited he got to go up and be his helper for so many fun experiments. If this wasn't a super rainy season, I would have just had the party at a park with no entertainment and, instead, I unintentionally ended up with a party my son will never forget. I can't think of enough amazing things to say about the little show Scott put on. The kids were laughing and sucked in the entire time and honestly, I think the parents were completely entertained throughout as well."

Heather W. February 11th, 2017


Wonderfully Entertaining and Educational

"Scott was fantastic with the kids... he had them laughing and learning at the same time.  Everyone had a ball including the adults.  We added the crazy chemistry add-on and it so very cool and exciting.  Sch a great amount of entertainment for the amount he charges. Thanks again Scott!"

Erikka Santiago 



"Scott performed at a party for my son, entertaining via his excellent science 'tricks' and good humor for a dozen kids (ages 2-12) as well as parents and family. Many of our friends were impressed - with the content and also how he got the kids and adults all involved in the show. It was a great addition to my son's party and I would highly recommend him without any hesitation."

Mike E. on February 12th, 2017


"Thank you so much for coming to visit Sutherland to our 5th graders how fun science can actually be! Students particularly enjoyed the vortex experiment with the fog machine to illuminate how far the air can really go. This was a great way to introduce weather to my students and they will now have some background knowledge when we begin our the unit."

Mrs. Kazuko Tuttle
5th grade Teacher Sutherland Elementary


“Great Scott was entertaining and educational. He delighted the audience while engaging their attention during the entire program. The audience was learning scientific facts during his entire program and enjoying every minute of it. Both children and adults were willing participants in actively assisting him in a variety of scientific demonstrations. He was a huge hit and has already been asked to return for a repeat performance.”

Anne Pankow
Assistant Library Director Glendora Library



"Great Scott the Glad Scientist is really Great! The kids love interacting with his experiments. Scott is a very Funny and Friendly person. We have booked him to preform at our school site approximately three different times.
Always a good experience for the younger and older kids.
Thanks for your science Scott."


Josie C. on February 26, 2016



"Scott was an amazing Glad science guy. He showed up on time and was so easy to get along with. He made all the kids laugh and enjoy his performance, mind you it was a 6 year old birthday party. All the kids loved making slime at the end. He even offered to stay to help me run games or anything else. I will definitely be booking him again for future events. He did a great job for a great price. Book Scott now!! He is amazing."

Alyssa S. on April 10, 2016


“An amazing assembly that captivated the students and showed them how much fun science and learning truly can be!”


Jammie Linn
PTA Mom and Teacher Washington Elementary




“Thank you for coming on Halloween. It was fun having you in our class room. We liked your experiments. They were cool."

Mrs. Lots 1st Grade Class



We used Scott for my son's 5th birthday party. There were 8 boys in attendance and Scott was able to keep them all engaged, even the ones who were shy and didn't want to participate. He was on time, professional and the boys loved him. I would not hesitate in booking him again.

Diana C. on February 27, 2016


"We had Great Scott do a science presentation for our homeschool group of kids ages 1-15 and he entertained everyone! Amazing educational presentation with nothing but positive feedback from all the kids and parents. Can't wait to have you back for another show. Thank you for your hilarious yet educational show! I give you 10 stars!"

Brigette G. on May 23, 2016



"Thank you for coming to our school for an assembly. I really liked the tesla coil. It was very cool. You have a great sense of humor. I wish I was a volunteer though. But I loved the experiments. I'm going to try the two connected bottles trick at home. I'm also going to try the vortex creator at home too."

James W.
5th Grade



"I really appreciate you coming to our school. The most fascinating part of the show was when you put the dry ice into the water, very interesting! I also liked the part where you made the plasma globe thing with the tesla coil. And the Big Grandpa Vortex, Great Scott that was unexpected! I Hope you fascinate more people. Thank You!"

Jack W.
5th Grade



Dr. Emmett Brown

What to Expect

You will be amused…..
You will be amazed…..
You will be educated…..
You will be entertained…

You will be inspired... Great Scott the Glad Scientist uses interactive science experiments and demonstrations with the help of volunteers and sometimes 'victims' to tell stories and teach scientific principles. Most of all...

You will have FUN!!

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